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  • What services do you provide?
    Ice machine cleaning, coil cleaning, heat inspections, belt replacements, filter replacements, and more. As of April 2020 we are now offering Indoor Air Quality Products. See our COVID-19 Response for more information.
  • How many visits do you offer per year?
    We have found our program to be most effective with 6 visits per year. However, we do offer 4 visits per year as well.
  • Are you self-performing?
    Filtrex prides itself on being a fully self-performing HVAC/R contractor
  • What sets Filtrex apart from other HVAC/R contractors?
    Our ability to decrease repair costs for our clients, while performing an exceptional service to their facilities.
  • Where do you offer service?
    We offer service nationally.
  • Do your technicians make repairs?
    Although we are a full-scale mechanical company, we do not make repairs at this time. Our technicians will identify and report any repairs that are needed. From the Client Dashboard you may generate a work order, which will be sent directly to your local service provider.
  • What is the Quality Control App?
    The Quality Control (QC) App was designed to help our clients communicate more effectively with our administrators. Any questions or concerns they may have will be responded to quickly. This app is available on the iTunes store & the Google Play store.
  • Are you currently hiring technicians?
    We are always looking for new talent. If you are interested in working for Filtrex, please visit our Careers page to apply.
  • How do you document your work?
    We use a digital platform to document work, which is uploaded in real-time to the Client Dashboard. This allows our clients full visibility of the work being performed, while the work is happening.
  • What types of commercial clients do you service?
    Our program is designed to be most effective for restaurants and convenience stores.
  • How does your billing work?
    We amortize the cost of the program and bill in equal installments throughout the year. The number of installments depends on the number visits we make per year.
  • Can we use you along with other CMMS software?
    We have integrated our solution with both Service Channel & Corrigo.
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