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Our Partnership

A Filtrex PM is not just a glorified filter replacement. We provide a true preventive maintenance. Our programs optimize the performance of your HVAC/R equipment and reduce your overall repair spend. These programs include:

  • Ice machine cleanings

  • Coil Cleanings

  • Belt Replacements

  • Filter Replacement

  • Equipment Calibration 

  • Asset Tagging 

  • Much more

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Client Support Service

Client Support Services

At Filtrex, we feel that communication with our clients and transparency of our reporting is key. Our Client Support team is available 24/7 via the Quality Control App to answer any questions you may have. You may download the QC App on the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store.

Attention to Detail

We measure our success by consistent quality, accountability and transparency through our integrated software. Teams of Filtrex employees are based across the country, who truly care about the performance of your food services platform. We work together to create cost reductions and provide a consistent program you can count on.

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

An asset tag is installed on each piece of equipment that we service. These tags help our team to document the maintenance performed on the equipment. This stream of data tracked over time gives our clients and their vendors access to a clear picture of each asset's life expectancy and service history via QRscan. Once tagged, our team specifically work to inspect and maintain items known to cause frequent failures within your HVAC and refrigeration equipment. This work is then reviewed and a detailed report is created that we share through email notifications and the Filtrex client dashboard.


The studies speak for themselves and these unique results are a trend across all of the brands we partner with.


 Our budget friendly flat rate pricing allows you to plan ahead of time and reduce unexpected hits to your budget. Partner today with Filtrex to stay up and running while reducing your repair and maintenance spend. At Filtrex, the PM is the Priority.

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