These HVAC & refrigeration services are some of the essential elements of our three tiers of service.

Learn more about our four tier programs:

Ice Machine Cleaning


Ice machine cleaning is a vital maintenance item for any food service provider. Filtrex provides a complete disassembly cleaning and sanitization of any type of ice machine every six months. Whether it is Hoshizaki or Manitowoc; Scotsman or Follet, our techs have experience maintaining these machines to manufacturer's specifications.


Air Filtration


Air filter replacement may be the most common item associated with a preventative maintenance. Neglecting filter replacement can cost big in downtime and equipment efficiency. Filtrex employs MERV 7 or higher filters, ensuring that your equipment continues operating at full capacity. On time scheduled filter replacement is the foundation of Filtrex’s true preventive maintenance solution.


Coil Cleaning


Proper condenser and evaporator coil cleaning on all of your HVAC and refrigeration equipment increases the efficiency of your equipment and reduces unneeded strain on your equipment’s major components. Correctly splitting and washing RTU condenser coils and only using OEM manufacturer approved chemicals are elements of an expertly crafted PM solution. Filtrex employs scheduled cleanings as well as in between inspections to verify that your equipment is online and ready to serve your employees and guests.


Belt Replacements

Belt Replacement on all belt driven equipment is another important element to our service plan. Belts are a wear item that will deteriorate over time. Scheduled replacement reduces downtime and reduces expense in on-demand or after hours service calls.


Indoor Air Quality


Indoor Air Quality is more important than ever. To help reduce pollutants that contribute to sickness, we are offering our clients Bipolar Ionization Generators, High Efficiency Filtration as well as Ultraviolet Light Installation.


Client Dashboard


Our Client Dashboard has been carefully designed to give our clients full transparency of their assets on a individual, regional or national level. View work being performed in real-time as our technicians take photos and document their work.